Bridging the vaccine distribution gap


The HOPE Consortium held a market roadshow in which participants learned of the organizations goals for Ethiopia and Africa as a whole on Tuesday, July 13, 2021.
The HOPE Consortium is leading one of the largest COVID-19 vaccine supply chains aiming to address obstacles preventing citizens from receiving vaccines based in Abu Dhabi. It works with vaccine manufacturers, resellers, distributors, IGO’s and NGO’s to put vaccines in the hands of citizens in need worldwide.
The organization handles; transport, demand planning, sourcing, training, and digital technology infrastructure, to facilitate the logistics of vaccine distribution and aims to deliver 18 billion vaccine doses by the end of 2021.
The Market Roadshow described the HOPE Consortium’s involvement in the distribution of vaccines worldwide and its plans to expand to Ethiopia and other African nations. Additionally, panelists detailed the vaccine distribution process and how the HOPE Consortium works to simplify it.
The event was held both virtually and in the Raddison Blu Hotel in Addis Ababa.
The event opened opportunities for participants to engage with the HOPE Consortium founders, including Dr. Omar Najim, Executive Office Director at the Department of Health of Abu Dhabi, Robert Sutton, Head of the Logistics Cluster from Abu Dhabi Ports, Chiara Venuti, Head of Airline Partnerships from SkyCell, Carl Hemus, COO from Maqta Gateway, Dr. Adnan Al Zaabi, Supply Chain Manager from Rafed, and Fabrice Panza, Manager Global Cool Chain Solutions from Etihad Cargo.