Thunes link with Dashen to ease cross border payments


Thunes, a global payment network, is partnering with Dashen Bank to open a quicker and cheaper option for sending money to Ethiopia from around the globe.
The cross-border payment solution opens the option for people around the world to send money directly into one’s bank account or Amole mobile wallet.
“This technology-powered solution gives Dashen Bank’s customers fast and convenient access to overseas funds,” said Dashen Bank CEO Asfaw Alemu. “It’s another positive step towards our goal of transforming Ethiopia’s financial services sector and delivering innovations to serve our customer’s needs better.”
Before this option, international money transfers were slow and unreliable, harming Ethiopian businesses and much of the nation which relies on payments from family overseas.
The program is expected to boost financial activity in Ethiopia from overseas and increase the circulation of foreign currency into the nation’s economy, as Thunes’ network of sending partners encompasses more than 100 countries.
“We are delighted to partner with Dashen Bank, one of Ethiopia’s leading banks,” said Andrew Stewart, Global Head of Networks at Thunes, adding, “Thunes continues to invest in and grow our network in the world’s fastest growing economies. Our global partners can now give their customers enhanced access to this important corridor in Africa with faster and more convenient transfers.”