Menschen fuer Menschen Foundation

(Photo: Anteneh Aklilu)

As part of the ‘Green Legacy Initiative’ the prominent non-government organization, Menschen fuer Menschen Foundation (MfM) has planted over 50,000 multipurpose trees seedlings all over the country in a single day.

The statement MfM sent to Capital indicated that its employees and 1224 community members have voluntarily participated in the plantation and promised for the follow-ups and subsequent management.

In Addis Ababa the plantation was held at Entoto Mountain on Wednesday July 28.

So far, Menschen fuer Menschen Foundation has mobilized community members at all project areas and has planted 265 million multipurpose trees.

The initiative was initially started to plant 20 billion tree seedlings by 2024 aimed to addressing the consequences of environmental degradation and climate change. The 2021 campaign is a bit special as it includes sending one billion tree seedlings to neighboring countries to initiate a regional effort towards a green Africa.