Friday, April 12, 2024

Champions Fasil clashes Hadiya-Hosana in a season opening fixture


The 2021/22 Ethiopian Premier League season opens on 15th October two months earlier compared to the last campaign which kicked off mid-January due to the pandemic related scheduling changes. That season still ended in June leading to fixture congestion throughout the campaign.
Defending champions Fasil Ketema will open their title defense in a head-on clash against Hadiya-Hossana.. Coach Seyoum Kebede busy in reinforcing his side signed number of renowned players including central defender Aschalew Tamene and Nigerian goal machine Okiki Afolabi.
Golkeeper of the season Malian Mickel Samake between the posts, Aschalew leading the defense pairing with Yared Baye and Mujib Kasim spearheading the strike force along with Okiki, Fasil is the hottest favorite to win the title for the second season in a row.
Runner-up Ethiopia Bunna meets Sidama in the season opening Bunna derby match. Twice EPL champion Gebremedin Haile at the helm and aggressively participating in the transfer market, Ethiopia Bunna boss Coach Seyoum Kebede might face a tricky adversary in the opening fixture.
The only club under a foreign Coach Saint George will be eager to start on the right foot in its quest to bring back the premier league trophy after four years draught. Number of the senior players leaving the club, Giorgis could face a hard encounter against Sebeta Ketema under newly appointed Coach Zelalem Shiferaw.
Back to the top tier Mekelakeya and ArbaMinch are to muscle each other in the opening fixture while Baherdar Ketema entertains Addis Ababa. Hawassa taking Jimma AbaJifar in the season opening faceoff with Diredawa hosting Wolayta and Adama in a clash against Wolkite Ketema.

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