Saturday, July 13, 2024

DMP expands transshipment


Doraleh Multipurpose Port (DMP), the modern logistics facility of Djibouti becomes regional transshipment hub.
The facility has received two vessels early last week on the transshipment modality.
According to a statement received from DMP CEO, Mr. Djama Ibrahim DARAR, it is indicated that on Tuesday August 31 it simultaneously welcomed two vessels. One of them is MV Figaro, a ship of Eukor, a global RoRo shipping company that specializes in port-to-port deep-sea transportation of automobiles, rolling equipment and breakbulk cargo, which unloaded 155 vehicles in transit to Ethiopia and the second vessel of MV PrimRose, a ship of the MOL line which loaded 601 vehicles in transshipment.
The PrimRose is one of three vessels chartered by MOL, one of the largest shipping companies in the world, for transshipment in the region.
According to the DMP CEO, this transshipment activity started as planned with the reception of the first batch of 700 vehicles, “then the first export vessel picked up a hundred vehicles sent to Aqaba in Jordan.” It added that the remainder of more than 600 vehicles were taken over by the PrimRose for Alexandria, Egypt.
“By definition, transshipment is the action of shipping goods or containers to an intermediate destination and then on to another destination. This demonstrates that DMP has become a true vehicle transshipment hub,” the statement added.
“A new chapter in maritime transport is thus emerging for our port, determined to become an international logistics platform and a multimodal center for economic and commercial exchanges,” it explained.
DMP has succeeded in strengthening its position as a key regional, industrial and logistic platform.
Benefiting from a geographically strategic position on the Bab el Mandeb, this port allows to strengthen the international connectivity of Djibouti, and consequently to reinforce Djibouti’s competitiveness at the international level.
Recently, DMP made available exclusive livestock terminal for Ethiopian animal exports facility with a capacity to handle 2.5 million heads of animal per annum.
DMP accommodates vessels with up to 100,000 DWT and boasts some of the most modern facilities in Africa.
The facility that cost millions of dollars in investment has a range of terminals that including bulk, break, container and RoRo, and it has 1,200 meters of quay line, accommodating 6 berths with a depth of 15.3 meter.

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