Huawei’s Handshaking Forum links new grads to Ethiopia’s ICT Industry


Huawei Ethiopia holds an annual Handshaking Forum, a program aimed at promoting jobs to graduate students. The program held at Addis Ababa University job fair garnered the application from around 600 graduates and ICT professionals. Around 20% of the candidates are from Addis Ababa University, while all of the rest are from universities all over the country.
Apart from its own campus hiring of new staff, Huawei is now distributing the resumes of the candidates, based on their consent, to 90 partners for protentional job opportunities.
Huawei has a long-standing commitment to train and certify new graduates and equip them with the latest trends in the industry. Of the applicants, 43 of them came with Huawei ICT certificates, which demonstrate their knowledge and skill in communication, IT, IP, cloud computing technologies.
Public Relations Director from Huawei, Zhang Bowen said “Handshaking forum enables students and professionals to meet potential employers at one place. Earning the Huawei certification will give these applicants a leap ahead to be selected by industry players.”