Somali region inaugurates new government

(Photo: Anteneh Aklilu)

Somali region, which recently conducted the 6th national elections, has formed its government early this week at the regional council held at the regional capital of Jigjiga.
On its session held on Monday October 18, the council has elected new government including Ayan Abdi as the first female speaker of the council.
As expected the regional council has elected the well accepted Mustafe Mohammed, who served as vice president since the reformist government took power in the region, as Somali region president.
On his past leadership in the past three years the new leadership has registered massive reforms in the political, economic and social arena that helped to grab public attention and their support on the election.
The council has also approved the regional cabinet that includes 27 bureau heads. According to the information Capital obtained from the region the new cabinet oddly includes opposition political figures, while new faces have also been included on the top leadership club.
The region that is expected to be one of the top performers with an anticipated agriculture sector development in the country due to its enormous fertile land and water resources is stated by pundits that it would be boosted by such kind of hopeful political moves and transition of power in a peaceful manner.
Those who were included on the new cabinets from the opposition Ogaden National Libration Front are two political leaders.
“We are building a government where all the people of the region are seen while we are considering the complaints that we had before” said the president on his speech after he was sworn in.
He reminded that the change he came up with alongside the Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has caused the civilians to be saved from the misunderstanding that was expected to divided families and groups.
The president has said that after the change of culture, freedom and freedom of speech that has not been seen in the region, every person’s opinion will be noted which shows a clear example of the change of democracy that has occurred in the society of the region.
On the inauguration of the new government, the federal and regional leaders, representatives from Somaliland, Somalia, Djibouti and Kenya were all presented at the ceremony.