Sunday, June 16, 2024

NBE approves Amhara Bank’s seasoned VPs


National Bank of Ethiopia (NBE) approves the assignment of five vice presidents (VPs) as per the request from the under formation huge financial firm, Amhara Bank.
On its approval notification on Monday November 22, the central bank has given a green light for five senior positions.
As per the approval, Amhara Bank assigned senior bankers, who came from three different financial firms, on different key positions.
As per the information Capital obtained from sources, Chanyalew Demissie has been assigned as the first Chief Banking Officer at Amhara Bank, while Dawit Teferra has taken over the Chief Information Officer position for the new coming bank.
Kindie Abebe, who has vast experience in the banking industry, has been assigned to lead as Chief Corporate Service; and for the position of Chief Banking Business, Bezuayehu Seyoum has been given the seat.
According to sources, Hailu Moges, will head the Chief Human Resource docket for the new entrant, which is expected to embark on its activity aggressively.
Based on the profile of the new VPs, they bring to the table a massive experience from their previous carrier in the financial industry.
For instance, Chanyalew who has been assigned as Chief Banking Officer has ample learning and service knowledge in the banking industry with almost 23 years work experience at Dashen Bank.
Before he moved to Amhara, Chanyalew served Dashen as Director for Corporate Banking Department for Government Agencies, NGOs, and International Trade Service Department, as well as different services as Acting Chief at the bank, which is one of the top two profitable private banks.
Similarly, the Chief Information Officer, Dawit has various senior position experiences in different financial firms.
He served on managerial and Deputy Chief Executive Officer positions at Wegagen Bank and Premier Pwitch Solution respectively before he moved to the financial giant Commercial Bank of Ethiopia (CBE). Dawit served the state owned CBE as Director of Infrastructure Management before he came to Amhara Bank.
Kindie, who is appointed for the Chief Corporate Service position at Amhara Bank, served Wegagen Bank as Acting Vice President for Corporate Services on his latest post besides different positional services at the bank.
Bezuayehu’s profile indicated that he served CBE for almost 24 years as District Manager before he came to Amhara as Chief Banking Business.
Dashen’s former Director for Talent Development Department Hailu served his former bank for several years in different capacity. He is now assigned to lead the Human Resource as chief at Amhara Bank.
As per the new VPs assignment, the new leaders of Amhara Bank two of each came from CBE and Dashen and one from Wegagen.
It was recalled that Henok Kebede, former Chief Banking Business Officer of Dashen Bank, was assigned as the founding president of Amhara Bank.
With over 6 billion birr paid-up capital, Amhara Bank was established by over 180K shareholders that make the bank one of the companies that have huge shareholders in the continent.
Such amount of paid up capital is also unique for the start-up bank in the country. Despite not opening its door, the value it amassed makes the bank one of the top banks that has huge paid up capital.
The bank is expected to commence operation in the near future.

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