Thursday, June 13, 2024

Mekonnen Assefa


Name: Mekonnen Assefa

Education: Computer Science

Company name: Kodastropi Marketing Solution PLC

Title: Managing Director

Founded in: 2015

What it does: Provides highly specialized digital marketing service

HQ: Addis Ababa

Number of employees: 10+

Startup Capital: 20,000 birr

Current capital: 2,000,000 birr

Reasons for starting the business: The huge gap in the digital marketing space

Biggest perk of ownership: Ability to have the time and to pursue one’s dream

Biggest strength: Experience

Biggest challenging: Lack of awareness and value of clients

Plan: To be the leading digital marketing agency in Africa

First career: Teacher

Most interested in meeting: Elon Musk

Most admired person: Elon Musk

Stress reducer: Reading books

Favorite past time: My time with rotary family

Favorite book: Game Changer

Favorite destination: Marseille, France

Favorite automobile: Mercedes Benz

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