Friday, June 14, 2024

Green Tech joins Ethiopia’s electric car space


Green Tech Ethiopia introduces six models of imported rechargeable solar and electric powered cars with the aim to promote renewable energy in the country.
“Our company is established with the aim to promote renewable energy in our society by providing new renewable energy technologies and services including different types of affordable electric and solar cars,” said Fitsum Deresa, Managing Director of Green Tech Ethiopia.
The company imported the cars from Chinese car manufacturer Dongfeng Motor Corporation and has plans to establish a car assembly factory in the near future.
“From the six different electric car models so far 70 have arrived in Addis Ababa while additional 200 cars have reached Djibouti port,” Fitsum explained. The company also plans to import 5000 electric cars within the coming 5 years and is also planning to delve in to the transportation industry through its “green transport initiative service.”
Similarly, in order to support the middle and low income societies and promote entrepreneurship in the country, the company has facilitated a 40/60 electric car sale package to its potential customers.
“The financing scheme will help all our potential customers to secure automobiles enabling them to create income streams for themselves and their families in the process” stated the green company. To this end, Green Tech is working with Africa Village micro finance and other banks.
As the managing director indicated, 60 percent of the payment will be covered by customers and Green Tech will cover the remaining 40 percent. Customers can pay 30% of their 60% ownership which is only 18 percent of the total price to purchase their cars and the remaining 70% payment will be down paid as per the directives of the agreement.
Of course the energy cost that powers the cars is a huge point in getting one of these auto mobiles. For instance the solar charged electric cars can travel 60-120 kilometers. The 4 seater automobiles have a 26kWh capacity and with full charge can be driven to a distance of 200km with only 9.10 birr while that of the minibus can be driven to a distance of 360km once its 80kWh battery is fully charged with only 28 birr. With the price of gas being sold at 31 birr per liter, this is definitely worth the interest of any prospective buyer. Similarly, the cars also present a minimum maintenance cost which is very beneficial to its future owners.
Of benefit to Green Tech is that the green movement is very much needed in Ethiopia. In fact the government has a resilient vision that encourages the use of electric vehicles to help reduce pollution caused by transportation services through introducing renewable energy transport services.
Green Tech Ethiopia now becomes the second firm to officially enter the electric cars market in the country after Marathon Motors.

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