Monday, September 25, 2023


Many conscious dwellers of our planet earnestly believe the ways of modern humans are doomed. Moreover, the belief that all round sustainability is achievable within the prevailing world order has become increasingly tenuous. Therefore, the burning question of our time is; can the various alternatives proposed and gradually coming to the fore, by those desirous of maintaining life and its support system, win the day? Obviously, new ideas that are capable of challenging the dominant and visibly destructive system won’t be welcomed by the status quo. Be that as it may, unless the global sheeple is willing to open up its mind to new ways of organizing societies, from the bottom up, the future of humanity might not be all that rosy!
Again, critical thinkers have no qualm categorizing the prevailing global economic order as very shortsighted. That it is inherently set and socially organized for permanent expansion, hence continuous wars and limitless exploitation of the natural world, is no more debatable. History is testimony to these repetitive blunders; after all, what is imperialism, or colonialism, if not a not-so veiled pretext for primitive/violent accumulation? We have to come to terms with our conscience and accept the fact that the current global system (which has been blooming since the early 1500s) cannot be sustained any longer. To reiterate the major reasons again; the natural limits of the planet are breached, in almost all categories. In addition, progressive enlightenment of the human condition has reached a stage where societies will no longer accept veiled slavery imposed on them by narrowly focused entrenched interests, always at the service of capital! Defying natural limits has already brought unexpected phenomenon. Climate change, in forms of intensified hurricanes/typhoons; temperature increase, etc. have become routine and threaten to get even worse. In light of such various warnings, the system’s only response is to continue, or even double down, on the usual dumb behaviors!
The good thing is, despite the massive and all-encompassing indoctrination of the world system, increased human awareness about all and sundry is on the rise. That is why certain enlightening mediums, leveraging modern informatics, are becoming difficult to access, compliment of the power that be (TPTB). The whole intensified surveillance of the global sheeple by nation states is part and parcel of the grand scheme to control and enslave the world’s population! The prevailing global institutions of orientations (read indoctrinations) are only eager to stamp out drones that will obediently serve the destructive world system without much hesitation. These ‘flocks of the mill’ are trained to avoid serious inquiries and abhor deep/original thinking. If these drones stray from the delineated path set by the masters, there will be consequences; like forfeiting lucrative jobs or even being ‘blacklisted’ all over the world. In this sense, the proverbial ‘useful idiots’ are lucky, since they are successfully immunized from critical inquiries and don’t have to bother with difficult issues of global importance!
Let us look at one example, amongst many, which the dominant system systemically propagates. The shallowly inculcated narrative, ‘war on terror’ is phrased in such a way as to thwart interrogation about the massive violence persistently perpetuated by the formally constituted powerful states of the global order. After all, what is terrorism, if not war itself! Terrorism is a violent activity, a kind of war, mostly carried out by those who do not have the means to wage formal massive wars. It then follows; ‘war on terror’ is nothing more than saying ‘war on war’ or ‘war on small wars’ to be more precise, since the main difference between the two is one of scale and legitimacy. And unlike those days of old, when ‘collective security’ was an integral part of international law, ‘wars of aggressions’ or illegitimate wars, (by states) are now a dime a dozen. At the end of the day, the real question that should be posed here is; ‘whose war are we supposed to rationalize and legitimize’? In these dying days of the modern world system, the deconstruction of all narratives disseminated by dominant interests should be the order of the day, per force!
We should not lose sight of the core strategy of the status quo, at least when it comes to valid critiques. It is either to stifle or completely discredit inquiries that will lead to societal transformation. For instance, the irrational economic supposition of infinite growth is not to be questioned. The associated financial system that is based on unadulterated fraud is also sacrosanct. ‘Fractional Reserve Banking’, which is the foundation of the debt based global financial system is, arguably, the worst (non-violent) crime of the millennium. This fraudulent activity still anchors all the means of destruction directed against nature as well as cohesive/harmonious collective human existence! Fraudulent systems piled on other fraudulent systems, etc., will ultimately collapse. For example, the current pension system as it exists within the OECD (the rich countries) is nothing more than a sham, a fairy tale. Nonetheless, it is almost taboo to talk about it. The already retired and those on their way to retirement are going to be in for some rude awakening. At the end of the day, either the states have to raise tax (don’t forget inflation is also a form of tax on the poor) or retirees have to settle for drastic cuts in their overall entitlements, (including monthly pensions) or both. Whatever the measures states will be forced to take, life in the OECD might not be as comfortable as it used to be!





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