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African Grand Run in Washington DC

The fourth edition of the African Grand Run is set to take place in Washington DC in December 2022. Many Ethiopian Olympians and world champions are expected to take part in the event as guests of honor.
The organizers announced that the 5 km race winner and those able to finish the race will be eligible for the prize draw, a 2022 Toyota Car.
The Grand African Run, which has been growing rapidly over the past four years, will be held in Washington, DC on October 15, 2022, according to the organizers.
The Ethiopian Athletics Federation president, Derartu Tulu, will be the guest of honor at the event.
The event, held under the motto “Better Together,” mainly aims to mobilize Ethiopians, bring first-generation children closer to their culture, and raise money for various charities. Thousands of diaspora’s are expected to take part in the race.
Dashen Bank expressed its support to the Diaspora community for the next three annual events, and Alexandria Toyota, has also partnered to support the event as a co-sponsor.
Concerning the diaspora community, Dashen Bank Senior Diaspora Banking General Manager, Yaschalew Almaw said “We strongly support the practice of the race, which is our national value, as a platform to strengthen relations with our expatriates and exchange culture.”
He said that they are committed to providing various services centered on the diaspora and ready to support such opportunities as a major partnership.
Alexandria Toyota Sales Manager, Yared Manaleb insisted that especially Ethiopians, have been a longtime customers of the company.
“We would like to thank and support them for their faith and for being part of the Toyota family of Alexandria. In particular, we will continue to support the event, as it has been in line with our priority for the community initiative over the past few years,” Yared said.
Yared says the event will enable the community to develop solidarity by using athletics.
Derartu, who has been supporting the organizers since the competition begun, expressed her appreciation for the progress made.
Grand African Run director, Gashaw Abeza, in a statement said the event is more important than a one-day 5km family race. Gashaw says the race has a significant role to play in bringing Ethiopians and people of Ethiopian descent closer together.
“It is a platform to reward our diaspora members, who have made significant contributions to the American community, in which they live and to their homeland, Ethiopia,” Gashaw added.
In the last three events, many Ethiopian athletes like Derartu Tulu, Kenenisa Bekele, the Dibaba Family, Million Wolde, Fatuma Roba, Berhane Adere, Sileshi Sihin, Kutre Dulecha, and others have featured as the guests of honor.


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