Sunday, September 24, 2023

Art of Africa

A training organized by SharePlus Global Partners, a Korean company and the Ethiopian Visual Artists Association was conducted on Friday August 26. The training aims to provide assistance on how to use online product promotion software to promote fair art products and competency-building education to the Ethiopian Visual Artists. The main purpose of the training is to contribute to the creation of the sustainable jobs by strengthening the product design capabilities of local digital artists in Ethiopia and by increasing the product design competitiveness of locally designed artifacts in the international market.
SharePlus Co., Ltd. pioneered the online market for poor artists in the third world, which is accelerating due to the corona virus, and promotes African art and artists, and pays reasonable prices for their works so that artists from developing countries can continue to work. It is carrying out a social mission to help lay the economic foundation for this, and is pioneering and practicing the field of ‘Fair Art’. Pursuing cultural diversity, proposing various solutions to resolve the third world development gap, and promoting Third World African art to a variety of consumers as a venture company that “adds value by sharing”, sustainable art activities of African artists, and revenue generation.
The global culture and arts industry has been hit hard after Corona 19 and has taken many jobs in cities, and according to the OECD Culture Shock report (2020), the decrease in investment in the arts and culture sector leads to a crisis in distribution channels (offline distribution channels). , this will lead to a reduction in public and private funds for the arts and culture industry in the future, resulting in negative impacts on local communities such as jobs and welfare, as well as regional differences in culture and arts. In 2020, UNESCO and local Ethiopian artists held a ResiliArt forum to emphasize the need to pursue innovation with a focus on digital art after COVID-19.
The company is carrying out the Art of Africa (AOA) project, which puts aside preconceived notions about works of art from countries that do not belong to developed countries, pays a fair price for the value of art, and builds good consumption opportunities for their works.
– It introduces African artists’ works to domestic and international markets through the Art of Africa (AOA) online platform, launches a lifestyle brand of the same name, develops and sells goods inspired by the original work, and develops and sells good technology.
Through the development of goods products based on the original works of African artists, the need to develop trendy product designs that can capture the characteristics of African art while at the same time target the Korean market is emerging, and it is necessary to strengthen the design capabilities of local digital manpower. In particular, they are required to create their own and jobs through the improvement of their job competency.

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