ECSOC calls on the de-escalation of conflicts


The Ethiopian Civil Society Council (ECSOC) said that it continues to be gravely concerned with the intensification of the armed conflict between the Ethiopian Federal Government and the TPLF with enormous consequences for civilians.
“As a representative of Civil Society organizations, we speak for the most vulnerable to the negative impacts of the renewed conflict in the Northern part of Ethiopia. Among the most vulnerable are Ethiopians living in conflict-ridden regions that depend on emergency assistance for their survival, such as children, the elderly, persons with disability, and women,” ECSOC said in a statement.
“In this regard, the Council is deeply dismayed by the hindrance of humanitarian assistance due to the removal of fuel from the WFP storage intended for humanitarian assistance, as the UN and WFP statements reported. This act is against humanitarian law and it makes the delivery of humanitarian assistance very difficult for those in need,” the statement further added.