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Chinese company joins Ethiopia’s entertainment industry

A Chinese-owned and locally run company named Five Star Elevator Manufacturing Private Limited Company (PLC) has announced that it has officially joined Ethiopia’s entertainment industry with an event held at Hilton Hotel in Ethiopia’s capital, Addis Ababa.
The company, through its subsidiary Five Star Entertainment Company, began its journey in late August 2022, by presenting a major event named “Afro Vision Fashion Show” featuring contemporary dance, fashion show, and musical performance in the presence of diplomats, Ethiopian government officials, and local artists.
Nardos Nigussie, 20, is a model and one of the many dancers trained by the Five Star Entertainment Company.
“The company has given the much-needed platform where passionate Ethiopian young people like me can show their talents to promote Ethiopian culture,” said Nigussie in a recent interview with Xinhua.
With state-of-the-art equipment, the company has already formed its own musical band, two dancing groups called Iconic Divas and Royal Flash, and an idol trainees team in a bid to reach out to more audiences across Africa and beyond.
“We are offered a series of training on dancing, vocalizing, and acting for free,” said Nigussie, appreciating the company’s commitment to helping those who are in need to show their talents but did not make it happen due to financial constraints.
Expressing gratitude to the company for offering training and employment opportunities, Nigussie said the dancing group typically promotes peace and culture through several sorts of events such as fashion shows and musical performances.
Helina Yetemegn is another member of the Iconic Divas dancing group. She is one of the 50 dancers who took advantage of attending dance training classes offered by the Five Star Entertainment Company.
“The company has helped me perform on international stages and acquire multiple skills,” Yetemegn said.
Owner and General Director of the company Ma Ning told Xinhua that his company aims at gaining popularity by giving young people the opportunity to showcase their talents.
“We want to promote their (young people’s) talents, enthusiasm, and potential which otherwise could go waste due to different challenges,” Ma said.
Ma went on to say that there are shortages of training schools in the East African country and that limits young people from nurturing their talents and joining the entertainment industry.
“I am looking for economical returns by promoting Ethiopian culture, tourism, and historical places via art and musical performances,” said Ma who vows to open training schools to train and help youngsters live up to their dreams of becoming famous artists.
Ma believes that there is a shortage of national and international stages where potential Ethiopian youngsters can show their talents.
Michael Million, one of the famous artists in Ethiopia, said he was so inspired that a Chinese company joined the Ethiopian domestic entertainment industry through which the company is trying to promote its manufactured products.
“The company has well understood the power of art to promote its products and build public trust,” said Million who spent some time in Beijing, China’s capital, to produce a documentary.
Million believes that the company will contribute a lot not only to the development of the industry but also to the offering of much-needed platforms where Ethiopian youngsters can show their talents on the international stages.
“Unlike the westerners, the Chinese believe in working and growing together,” said Million, highlighting that Asian culture is closer to African.
The dance and artistic groups that performed to the delight of the Ethiopian artists and guests surely attest to the fact that China’s Five Star Entertainment Company will take the Ethiopian entertainment industry a notch higher, Million added. (Xinhua)


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