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Ethiopia, Djibouti tailor single document for seamless logistics

The sweet benefits of working as a single body proves integral in the acceleration of logistics activities between the Ethiopian and Djibouti customs as the duo now tailor plans to bolster their operations by use of a single document management.
In light of the occasion of recognizing the successful shipment and transportation of 1.3 million metric tons of fertilizer for this agricultural season, the role of the two customs have been stated as one of the reasons for the achievement attained in the operation.
According to leaders from Djibouti and Ethiopia customs, the operation of fertilizer was seamless due to the one accord inner workings of the two controlling entities.

(Photo: Anteneh Aklilu)

According to Roba Megersa, CEO of the Ethiopian Shipping and Logistics Services Enterprise (ESLSE), the operation was a result of holistic cooperation between the two countries’ logistics entities and other offices like Customs of Djibouti and Ethiopia.
“The working in tandem of the customs’ operation, which on this occasion was 24 hours of the day has led to swift movement of cargo without further stay or delay,” the ESLSE’s CEO said while crediting the cooperation of the two countries’ customs offices.
Similarly, Debele Kabeta, Commissioner of the Ethiopian Customs Commission, and Rahma Omar Bogoreh, Director of Transit Department of Djibouti, stated that the strong relationship and cooperation between the two countries’ customs offices was one of the exemplary achievements registered on the logistics sector in addition to that of the fertilizer consignment.
They emphasized that the joint operation applies for all consignment and not only for some strategic cargos.
“We have established a one point between the two customs,” Omar Bogoreh told Capital as she elaborated that all stakeholders like freight forwarders are working in a single online system that helps to accelerate the logistics activity.
The two sides have also engaged to introduce more strong cooperation regarding declaration and other document based works.
She explained that on the new scheme a declaration given by Ethiopia or vice versa will be used by both countries without further issuance of documents.
“We need to have similar customs procedure based on a single customs administration document,” Debele told Capital.
“We are planning to do that and we will have a trip to Djibouti in the coming few weeks. We have had extensive discussion on the matter with our Djibouti counterparts and the upcoming Ethiopian Customs Commission’s team visit would be a procedure to finalize the process,” he said, adding, “The two customs are working together to facilitate the transportation and customs passenger of cargos for swift customs clearance and customs transit.
Djibouti is the major sea outlet for Ethiopian cargos. For the current agricultural season, Ethiopia has imported 1.3 million metric tons of fertilizer within only 203 days, which is now the shortest period when compared to past experiences.
Besides the electrified railway system, Ethiopia and Djibouti are connected with three highway facilities; Balho, Galafi and Dewalle roads. The two countries are also working to realize One Stop Border Post.


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