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First comprehensive stroke center inaugurated in Ethiopia

Axon Stroke and Spine Center on Saturday, October 1 2022 was inaugurated becoming the first comprehensive stroke center that incorporates state-of-the-art and most advanced artificial intelligence which enables biplane Cath lab suite which is the first in sub-Saharan Africa.
The center also offers the best services through its neurosurgical theatres, neurologic intensive care unit, new rehabilitation center, new stroke/neuro/trauma emergency department, CT scanner, and much more.
The stroke center is run by Dr. Wondwossen Gebreamanuel Tekle, who is an internationally renowned neurologist and neurointerventional surgeon with extensive subspeciality training in the United States and more than two decades of clinical experience in neuroscience. The center will focus on providing sustainable, high-quality care to patients with stroke and other complex neurological conditions.
Axon Stroke and Spine Center is created in partnership between an American based medical investment company founded by Dr. Wondwossen to support stroke care in Ethiopia, and Samaritan Surgical Center (a state-of-the-art and experienced surgical center) with an investment capital of 132 million Ethiopian birr. Axon Stroke and Spine Center is located at Samaritan surgical center which is connected to the American Medical Center. The opening of the stroke center is expected to create more convenience and exceptionally seamless flow of services for patients at the three institutions.
Whilst explaining their commitment to move from the United Stated to Ethiopia to open up the Center, co-founder and general manager Dr. Wondwossen Gebreamanuel expressed, “Stroke is almost becoming the new epidemic in our country as is the trend in most third world countries which now collectively carry two thirds of the global stroke burden. This is mainly due to the absence of effective preventive services, and total absence of acute treatment to reverse the initial damage from strokes and post-acute neuro-rehabilitation to decrease long-term disability.”
Comprehensive stroke services which Axon Stroke and Spine Center is currently providing include acute medical treatment with intravenous thrombolysis as well as neurointerventional mechanical thrombectomy in the biplane Cath lab suite. Mechanical thrombectomy is a minimally invasive brain surgery performed by accessing and opening clogged brain arteries with catheters and other devices which are first advanced through the arm or leg and then navigated inside to the brain without having to open the skull. The center also boasts neurological ICU which is equipped with advanced cerebral and hemodynamic monitors, latest diagnostic software and CT scanner, portable wireless ultrasound, X-ray, a centralized oxygen supply system, etc, which are well suited for acutely ill neurologic patients.
Besides strokes the center will have numerous neurological procedures including radiofrequency ablation for spinal pain and other pain disorders, using one of the most advanced radiofrequency generator machines as the first machine in Ethiopia.
As a teaching facility, Axon Stroke and Spine Center is collaborating with Addis Ababa University College of health sciences in training neurosurgeons and neurologists to become sub-specialists in stroke and neurointerventional surgery. The center will also provide telemedicine-based services where physicians will see patients without physically being present at the center.


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