Elizabeth Nigussie


Name: Elizabeth Nigussie

Education: Advanced Diploma in General Mechanics

Company name: LC Aluminum Works

Title: Founder

Founded in: 2015


What it does: Aluminum works

Hq: Addis Ababa around Yeka Abado

Number of Employees: 2

Startup capital: 0

Current Capital: Confidential

Reason for starting the Business: Educational background and experience

The biggest perk of ownership: Always being loyal to my customers

Biggest strength: Loyalty to my customers

Biggest challenge: Staffing

Plan: To open an aluminum factory

First career: Employee at a private company

Most interested in meeting: Haile GebreSilassie

Most admired person: My sister

Stress reducer: Praying

Favorite past time: Time with family

Favorite book: Dertogada

Favorite destination: Bahir-dar

Favorite automobile: Ford