Federal, regional procurement to go fully-digital

(Photo: Anteneh Aklilu)

The Public Procurement and Property Authority (PPPA) indicates that within the coming 5 years all federal and regional governmental institutions’ procurement will be through its newly launched Electronic Government Procurement (eGP).
Under the eGP platform which has so far 73 public offices, the authority announced that suppliers cannot participate in any bid without registering on to the platform.
On Tuesday, October 25, 2022 the authority met with more than 500 business communities to discuss on the electronic government procurement system on an event held at Haile Grand Hotel. The authority has now called upon all suppliers to register to its eGP platform so as to be part of the public procurement.
As indicated, one of the major goals of emplacing eGP on public procurement is to ensure transparency and to uplift the benefit of the public. So far, the eGP system has been integrated with respective government offices, banks for payment and integration works are being carried out between the two systems for its clients to use telebirr as an e-payment instrument for public procurements.
So far the procurement platform is handling 73 public offices as of April, 2022 and is expected to jump to 125 by the end of the budget year from the total 169 public offices accountable to the central government.
Regional universities and regional government institutions will be part of the system within two to five years after completing the required infrastructure.So far, for those included on the new platform, carrying out procurements through eGP is believed on average to reduce 50 percent of the procurement transaction costs.
PPPA announced that the new system which was introduced about a year ago through a pilot of nine public offices is now facilitating the procurement of 73 central government offices and is now working with Ethio Telecom to integrate telebirr with eGP to provide an alternative payment system for the public procurement proceed.