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The human world is currently wallowing in a reality, which is fragile as well as suicidal. The mode of collective human existence that obtains all over the world assumes many things that are not real, i.e. unreal. For a start, the system behaves as if the planetary resources that have made existence tolerable, if not comfortable to the dominant species will still be available for posterity. Obviously, this is a very unrealistic assumption and it is such faulty models that are at the heart of the current global problematic. On the other hand, the parasitic ruling elites of the global order (instead of being creative), it seems, would like to pursue the same old path that only leads to planetary destruction, not excluding human lives itself!
Who is to defend planetary life and life support systems against these well armed, in more ways than one, vicious destroyers? Why do they want to destroy non-replaceable species and the ecosystems that sustain them? These are questions that are not as profound as the followings. What is life all about? What is the very purpose of human society? Enduring and intractable as these queries are, any healthy human being, without trying to be unduly philosophical, still has some inkling about the worth of life. To the majority of humans these inquiries are part of the human spirit and the essence of life, whether one believes in creation or evolution. As a result, the large majority of humanity considers life as sacrosanct, but there are very few individuals who think life is only a means, a mere tool and not an end onto itself! Crass idiots from the ruling elites are increasingly inclined to think that life is something that can potentially be borne of capital and its cohort-the technosphere! Therefore, it is very difficult to debate/discuss spiritual, philosophical, etc., issues with these pathetically demented souls. Therein lies one of the thorny problems of the prevailing world order!
Organized by these callous manipulators and their self-destructive ideology, late modernity is spiraling towards its demise. We admit, life has always been a challenge, since time immemorial. Those concerned with the well being of humanity have always exerted their energy to acquire knowledge and wisdom to help pacify the struggle for survival. Once this was achieved, (at least to a large extent) the parasites/psychopaths moved in to dismantle long established human communities based on shared values that allowed healthy societies to emerge and flourish. The immense achievements that were made possible by the sweats, tears and blood of humane souls have been undermined and hijacked by the selfish breathing beasts of capital! This incursion is more pronounced in the sphere of social existence. Unless the ambition of capital and its wagging tail that goes by the name technosphere is severely constrained, there won’t be much hope about harmonious collective existence. Luckily, some anti-systemic articulators, without the usual mind cluttering biases of the establishment, are coming to the fore. Brian Davey is one of those anti-systemic sensitive souls with formidable analytical prowess who has been diligently deconstructing; we might say rather successfully, the inner workings of the existing predatorily inclined global order. We have tried to serialize a portion of his revealing book ‘Credo: Economic Beliefs in a World in Crisis’ in the recent past.
In our modern world system, systemic thinking is discouraged in favor of ‘specialist’s tinkering’. After all, when someone is initiated to think holistically/universally, one is bound to put things together in a realistic manner. The proverbial phrase ‘connecting the dots’, is used to reveal what is made intentionally obscure and fragmented. Since clarity reveals the 500 lbs. gorilla in the room, with all its glories or shall we say with all its goriest, the unreal narratives that used to dominate discourse eventually give way to the hidden gem- reality! Consequently, reflections and critical introspections about general human predicament end up becoming daily routines of the initiated. Of course, the institutions of the status quo (universities, etc.,) are there to produce capable specialists in the various vocations, so that these individuals will become, once again, cogs in the wheel, so to speak. By and large, these individual are absolute morons when it comes to most things outside of their narrow expertise/preoccupation. Reality is; our planet, water, air, viruses, iron, mountains, women, monkeys, trees, airplanes, tables, bombs, races, beers,…. We hope you got the point. Reality is the amalgam of everything, with no exception! It is not as circumscribed by capital and its human caricatures! Hence, all life and non-life forms need to be respected for what they are, period, nothing more nothing less! The hubris of psychopathic elements is to encourage fragmentation and disassociation within the human family and the reason is quite clear. Once a person’s psyche is closed to reasoning and enlightenment, on the account of systemic disassociation/alienation, he/she becomes a mere pawn in the hands of the powerful!
Morally bankrupt system that is only interested in the now and now, continues to promote a culture of gangsterism rather than a creed of communal renewal, i.e., community based problem solving. One of the nightmare scenarios for the world system rulers is when individuals come together to articulate problems with a view to finding potential solutions within the framework of essential humanity, i.e. addressing everything under the sky; racism, inequality, sustainability, etc. It is not for idle reason ‘surveillance capitalism’ is now all the rage in the circle of global dominant interests. Note; it is not ‘physical distancing’ but social distancing, with all its insinuations that is asked of the global sheeple (human mass) on the account of the declared pandemic. Take notice; tech is now put on a pedestal higher than the almighty!
This editorial was first published in October 2020


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