Hygiene pad made from regenerated plastic bottles


Real Relief announced that Safepad, a unique and innovatively designed product that offers a safe and infection-free experience to women during menstrual periods, is now available in a version made from regenerated plastic bottles, reclaimed from the ocean, and collected from coastlines in South India.
We are facing an ocean plastic crisis. Every minute – every day, the equivalent of one garbage truck of plastic is dumped into the ocean. Unless immediate and sustained action is taken globally, there will be more plastic than fish in the ocean by 2050. As plastic remains in the ocean for hundreds of years and may take hundreds of years to degrade, the cumulative amount of plastic in the ocean by 2050 could reach 600 million tonnes — equivalent in weight to more than 3 million blue whales.
The good thing is that it is never too late to do something about it, and this is exactly why the Danish company, Real Relief now introduces a reusable pad made from plastic waste.