Raxio Data Centre in receives Tier III Certification from Uptime Institute


Raxio Data Centre in Ethiopia (“ET1”) officially became the first Tier III certified independent data centre in the country after receiving the Uptime Institute Tier III Certification on 21 October 2022. This certification was achieved after a diligent assessment and evaluation by the Uptime Institute’s expert international teams to ensure Raxio ET1 meets the stringent requirements of Uptime’s Tier III Certification.
With this certification, Raxio ET1 becomes one of the few Tier III, privately owned, carrier-neutral data centres in Africa to receive this designation, which also includes Raxio’s facility in Uganda. The Uptime Institute’s teams evaluated all aspects of the facility’s design and equipment, such as power, cooling, fire suppression and detection and others, in its certification process.
To pass as a Tier III compliant data centre, the mechanical and electrical infrastructure must be concurrently maintainable, meaning the data center has redundant capacity components and multiple power and cooling paths to the IT equipment. Tier III data centres offer redundant capacity allowing each and every component needed to support the IT processing environment to be shut down and maintained without impacting the facility’s operation and provision of services to customers.