Anbesa Int’l Bank, Shirshir Addis join forces to advance investments

(Photo: Anteneh Aklilu)

Anbesa International Bank pens agreement with Shirshir Addis Business Group to jointly work in financing investments.
As indicated on the signing ceremony the agreement inked on December 29,2022at the Sheraton Addis Hotel allows both organizations to support each other in important financial and investment activities. Apart from financial provision, the duo will enhance their joint capacity by creating a transfer of knowledge and skills between the companies.
Shirshir Addis Business Group is a company engaged in the import and export sector of coffee, pulses and oilseeds as well as cattle exports; vehicles, food and food-related goods, clothing and textile products.
Besides its import and export business the company is planning to engage in the manufacturing sector by building an electric car assembly plant at a cost of 1.3 billion birr in collaboration with a Chinese company on a 46,000 square meter plot of land in Debre Birhan city.

(Photo: Anteneh Aklilu)

“Our bank believes that creating a sustainable partnership agreement based on activities that promote mutual benefit with such organizations engaged in various fields of investment will accelerate the overall development of both parties,” said Daniel Tekeste, President of the bank, speaking at the signing ceremony.
Anbesa bank has now about 280 branches across the country having more than 12,000 shareholders with a 2.6 billion birr paid up capital.
Shirshir Addis is also a sister company of the Arif pay financial technology which presented “Arif Pay” digital payment and is also engaged in taxi services as part of its rich work portfolio.
“We are also finalizing the operations of our online goodwill fundraising platform called Laki Fund which enables Ethiopians living abroad to provide direct support to war-affected areas,” indicated Bereket Bayisa CEO of Shirshir Addis Group.