Name: Tena Jantla

Education: 11th

Company name: Betani Juice

Title: Owner

Founded in: 2022


What it do: Fast food and juices

Hq: Addis Ababa

Number of Employees: 1

Startup capital: 15,000 birr

Current Capital: Growing

Reason for starting the Business: To create my own income

Biggest perk of ownership: Being my own boss

Biggest strength: Not giving up in difficult situations

Biggest challenge: Handling a lot of things at once

Plan: Expanding my business

First career: None

Most interested in meeting: No one

Most admired person: My friend

Stress reducer: Praying

Favorite past time: Time with family

Favorite book: Sabela

Favorite destination: Any place that is quiet

Favorite automobile: Mercedes M- Class