Sunday, July 14, 2024

Yanet Fantaye


Name: Yanet Fantaye

Education: BSC in Mechanical engineering

Company name: Ribbon Flowers Boutique

Title: Owner

Founded in: 2022

What it do: Permanent Handmade Flowers

Hq: Addis Ababa

Number of Employees: 4

Startup capital: 80,000 birr

Current Capital: 140,000 birr

Reason for starting the Business: To create joy for people and my self

Biggest perk of ownership: Create opportunities for women

Biggest strength: Consistency and commitment

Biggest challenge: Being the first business

Plan: To be number one gift shop in the country

First career: None

Most interested in meeting: No one

Most admired person: My sister

Stress reducer: Listening music

Favorite past time: Time with my friends and family

Favorite book: Tower in the sky

Favorite destination: Where ever my friends and families are

Favorite automobile: Range Rover

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