Humanity must come to terms with the consequences of all rounded psychopathic governance, political, economic, etc. History teaches us it is predominantly the demented members of our species that have always caused wars, conflicts and general discord within the human family. Of course, there are always pretexts and excuses to justify all the wrong doings caused by the power-crazed sickos. Always hungry for power and privileges, these individuals manipulate the unsuspecting sheeple (human mass) to secure positions of responsibilities, so that they can do their grabbing as well as exercise their extreme megalomaniac intentions over the majority of peaceful humanity! These individuals have been instrumental in creating chaos and repeated destructions of civilizations since time immemorial!
Why is the global sheeple willing to tolerate such repetitive and malicious destructions? It is only recently that medical science and psychiatry advanced enough to help us understand the origins, nature and execution of evil. Currently, a whole lot of research is being conducted in the field of psychiatry and neurology to deepen knowledge on ‘ponerology’. Ponerology is the new science that attempts to study the nature of evil. It all started in the 1930s in the countries of the former East Europe, including USSR. Some of the dissidents within the socialist world experienced, first hand, systemic evil unleashed by the apparatchiks. Later on, Nazi Germany embarked on a more broader and sophisticated practice of institutionalized evil. This led researchers, who themselves became victims of these regimes, to begin the systematic study of evil. To this day, the discipline is not encouraged by many of the dominant establishment institutions as well the states. The reason; new findings have potential implications with far reaching consequences. The global status quo is worried! Here is an observation by one of the foremost researcher in the field; ‘Psychopaths are social predators, and like all predators, they are looking for feeding grounds. Wherever you get power, prestige and money, you will find them.’ Robert D. Hare. Nonetheless, progress in research is being made on a daily basis, throwing light on the widespread evil that permeates organized societies!
The latest findings put the number of psychopaths in a given country roughly between 5 to 10% of the general population. Amongst these, some are bona fide clinical psychopaths. In other words, these individuals should be put in mental institutions. By and large, psychopaths cannot be cured from their affliction, at least not with the technology that is available today. What a society can do to avoid the dangerous behaviors of chronic psychopaths is to make sure these individuals do not get involved in anything that matter. Their lack of judgment, balance, empathy, conscience and their obsessive greed and entitlement with no remorse, makes them anti-social, to say the least. Unfortunately, our world system, geared by individuals with psychopathic tendencies, considers psychopathic behavior as something positive, instead of antisocial! There should be no illusion here. For the most part, the world is and has been run or led by mediocre megalomanias, rather than the most capable and fair. Armed with new and continuous knowledge, it is hoped the situation will change for the better!
With the current level of technology, humanity can now identify the psychopaths amongst us. Therefore, it is time to seriously consider eliminating psychopaths from all major societal undertakings. For instance, since it is the politicos that are handling all global governance, in one form or another, they should first be cleared of psychopathic affliction before they can occupy public offices. By not doing so, humanity will keep on exposing itself to even more calamities, as we are now living in the more dangerous universe of the techno-sphere! Here is an instructive historical example. Today many people in Germany are more skeptical of demagogues as compared to other rich nations. They seem to prefer more levelheaded/balanced politicians to that of firebrand warmongers. This is mostly because of their painful experience of the 1930s!

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