Preparations underway for the 59th annual medical conference, int’l health expo

(Photo: Anteneh Aklilu)

The Ethiopian Medical Association gets underway to organize the 59th annual medical conference and international health expo.
With the theme of ‘Roles and responsibility of professional associations, doctors, the public, and stakeholders in modern medical practices, opportunities and challenges,’ the exhibition is reportedly scheduled to take place as a closed live/virtual hybrid event from March 17–18, 2023.
According to the association, this year’s event is special because it adds value to all stakeholders and serves as a launch-pad for overall medical progress, setting a new bar and benchmark for the occasion.
“The event will bring together national and foreign speakers and is a superb platform for networking and sharing knowledge, study findings, and medical practices as more than 25 scientific papers will be present at the event,” the association announced.
As stated, the event is anticipated to draw more than 2000 visitors, including representatives from various health professional associations, specialty society medical college heads, specialty government bodies, and the medical community at large, in addition to an estimated 400 medical figures and decision makers. The event will be held in conjunction with the international health exhibition.

(Photo: Anteneh Aklilu)

The Ethiopian Medical Association established in 1962 is a membership organization representing medical doctors registered to practice in Ethiopia who aim to see a healthy and prosperous Ethiopian community with access to quality health service. The association seeks to ensure the community receives quality services and promotes the highest standard in medical education, science art and practice and protects medical doctors’ rights and benefits.
The event, having been organized 58 times in the past, has a rich heritage and distinct atmosphere that is attended by the scientific and medical community. It has become a hub that fosters community engagement and robust industry dialogue amongst all stake holders in our country’s medical industry as indicated by the association.