Al Ahly’s successful performance in the 2022/2023 season


The Egyptian championship is a championship in which there is an intense struggle for the title. Now it is easy to follow all its games on the sports statistics website. For example, the Ahly match today is available for fans to watch.

The 2022/2023 campaign is shaping up well for this club. According to the results of the first half of the season the team settled at the head of the standings. Even though the gap from the pursuers is not so big, Al Ahly plays very confidently.

In the first round the team did not suffer a single loss. It has the best attack in the entire championship. The club regularly hits every opponent’s goal. However, special attention should be paid to defense. Team practically does not concede. A solid and well-coordinated game in defense leads to the fact that in the actions of the team there are almost no mistakes, misfires, inaccuracies.

Today it is easy to follow and watch every match with Ahly on the sports statistics website. The schedule of matches is very tight, but now no confrontation will pass by the fans.

The team has a crucial second half of the season ahead of them. However, if she manages to keep the momentum, there is no doubt that she will eventually manage to finish in first place in the standings.


The main factors of Al-Ahli’s leadership

Al Ahly’s leadership can hardly be called a fluke. The team has a great selection of players in each line. Thanks to this, she regularly demonstrates bright and productive soccer. Now Ahly results by Azscore. com are available for everyone to watch. It’s a good opportunity to stay in touch with the latest news.

The main reasons for the team’s leadership in the Egyptian championship:

  1. The leaders’ great experience. They know at what point to add, when to show the full extent of their abilities. Thanks to this, the team regularly scored points.
  2. Stability and the ability to get a result even in initially uncomfortable conditions. The team often had to rebound or break down the opponent’s defense for a long time. And almost every time it was successful.
  3. A successful tactical plan for almost every match. The coach tried to use the weaknesses of the opponents. Thanks to this, the team looked very confident and regularly hit the goals of almost all opponents.

Thus, Al-Ahly has had another great season, and the team’s lead in the Egyptian championship is quite logical. It’s easy to follow its current rivalries on the sports statistics website. All Ahly results by the platform are available for viewing from both a computer and a mobile device. You only need to go to the platform to find out the most relevant information.