Ethio Telecom unveils a revolutionary App coined ‘telebirr SuperApp’

(Photo: Anteneh Aklilu)

Ethio Telecom releases a SuperApp which is an upgrade to its existing telebirr platform housing several payments and digital services where customers can use other different applications from their Telebirr and perform “a thousand things in one” the telecommunications giant announced.

(Photo: Anteneh Aklilu)

“Telebirr SuperApp is a rich application designed to help customers use technology and businesses to deliver services with technology. It provides services such as Social networking and Lifestyle and allows customers to access multiple digital marketing services at the same time and use them for any purchase process. For example, MyEthiotel is an application that allows customers to access products and services in a consistent, integrated, qualified manner and provides digital marketing services as well,” stated the company.
Telebirr has also expanded its payment offerings, which now include group payments and automated scheduled payments. Telebirr, which was launched with the aim of narrowing the financial inclusion gap in the country, has gained 30 million customers in less than two years. In the past 22 months, Telebirr has established relationships with more than 101,000 agents, 28,000 merchants and 19 banks, and has generated a revenue of $1.95 million from 44 countries. In addition, with the recently launched digital finance loan and

(Photo: Anteneh Aklilu)

savings service, Telebirr loaned 2.1 billion birr to its 1.4 million users, and 400,000 TelebirrSanduq savings service users were able to save 1.7 billion birr.
As stated to use the new Telebirr SuperApp application, customers can download and use the Telebirr Super App by going to the Play Store, App Store and App Gallery, and by clicking update the existing Telebirr app.