Ethio-Telecom, Federal Supreme court couple to digitize judicial system


Ethio Telecom and the Federal Supreme Court sign agreements to accelerate implementation of a digitally supported judicial service, e-court system.
As indicated on the signing ceremony held on April 4, 2023, Ethio Telecom will provide a reliable and standardized ICT infrastructure including a modern modular data center with reliable power supply, backup network and network security, to ensure judicial services are efficient, effective, modern and accessible to users.
As indicated by the two parties, the agreement will help to provide more access, efficiency and speed in the justice system backed by technology.
It is said that once this digital infrastructure is complete, it will support the judicial services currently offered by the federal courts with a modern technology system that is safe and accessible. It will also ensure transparency in the justice system as clients will be able to conveniently access information about court cases, maintain the security of their personal data, construct a fair justice system, go over court case data, and get efficient and high-quality justice services.
In addition, it is said that the agreement will work to strengthen the implementation of the telecom services cooperation that existed between the two institutions in the past, especially in line with capacity building, training, and in the transfer of knowledge, skills and technology between the two institutions.