Sunday, May 19, 2024



The modern world teaches or orients or educates mostly to perpetuate the lopsided globalization. This lopsided globalization includes not only the totality of collective human affairs, but also the world of nature. The things the system considers important and practical are usually the ones that are destined to undermine the human animal in its comprehensive existence. Certainly the prevailing system is not in the business of enlightenment. We do not think there are serious critical thinkers who still believe that the main purpose of our global order is the wellbeing & enlightenment of individuals. The ideology of the system is unadulterated greed. Its aggressive implementation leverages all of the formal/informal institutions of orientation across the planet!
All the existing institutions wallow in irrationality when it comes to the interrogation of the global interstate system. We know of not even one university that systemically challenges the modus operandi of the existing order. The lunacy of the economic foundation (of the global order), mostly based on the stupid assumption of infinite growth and fractional reserve banking remain unchallenged. The idiotic infinite growth regime is easy to understand. The FRB (fractional reserve banking) is a globally entrenched system where fraud plays a prominent role. It is important to note that the current money system is based on fiat without anything backing all the currencies of the world. That is; it is money created out of thin air. By and large, this phony money is distributed to those loyal to the system. It robs the working poor and undermines nature, while creating parasitic oligarchs all over the world. Without questioning these two pillars of the system, no progress can be made in the fight for a more stable ecosystem and decent life. In the system, life and death matters are left out of the calculus. Let us simplify. First: the states are captured by the logic of the greed system. These states, almost without exception, are subservient to capital and are under the thumbs of the callous oligarch, whose only interest is to perpetuate this most destructive of all the world systems humanity ever devised. The sheeple (human mass) as usual, thinks these grabbers know better. Of course the bitter truth is they neither know nor do they care about what happens, not only to humanity but all life forms, including the life support system of the planet. The question is why can’t humanity stop this destruction? Herein lies the problem!
The existing institutions of orientation are there to make zombies out of people and not foster critical thinking within individuals. If these institutions try to enlighten, then obviously many questions will start to prop up. That will brew trouble. Private sector educational system can never teach criticality, as that will undermine their very reason d’etre. Non-profit organizations ultimately must secure their funding from somewhere. It is either from the state or the private sector. Again, this is a vicious circle or a catch-22 kind of affair. This poses a formidable challenge to change seekers. Who is going to awaken the sleeping giant, so to speak? After all, what is at stake is not a project of mere tweaking of an economic system gone berserk. One can think of the whole thing as resembling the proverbial precept of the golden goose. Killing the goose that was continuously delivering gold, is akin to what our stupid global system is doing.
Humanity is facing a challenge unseen before in its planetary tenure. It is unseen because the current system is comprehensively destroying life support systems, including non-renewable resources!
The choice is simple. Either humanity will challenge the stupid system or else it will go the way of the Dodo! It should be noted that enlightenment doesn’t necessarily mean the scary and fantastic concoctions of the system. The notion of humanity migrating to the outer world is one of the most preposterous narratives that is being pushed by the paid soldiers of the system, including the paid scientists. The exaggerated hoax of artificial intelligence is another. These are gimmicks to render the sheeple (human mass) docile. Just because the sheeple is ill educated doesn’t mean the scum of the earth should play on its fears. At this point, civil disobedience, which we have been tirelessly advocating might come in handy. But even that needs articulators, activist intellectuals, the likes of which are hard to come by, given the comprehensive indoctrination that prevails all around the world. New technics to fight entrenched interest that have a monopoly on all-important things imaginable, must come to the fore. Genuine reformers know the structural obstacles and the real power behind these obstacles. Even the process of democracy itself is used to stupefy the sheeple. Elections via representative democracy almost always have been farcical, especially when it comes to challenging establishment thinking!
Quietly, certain hopeful signs are emerging. The global youth is increasingly dropping out of it all! The new generation of youth has started to interrogate mindless consumption. Obviously, the world of its forefathers/parents is not going to be tenable anymore and the current crop of thinking youth knows it! Again the status quo is crying foul, because a segment of the youth is gradually abstaining from destructive consumption and stupidity worshipping. This challenges the system. Who is going to buy all the stupid gadgets that are being made in the make-believe world of non-stop growth (infinite growth)?

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