Eng. Terefe Raswork’s legacy gets cemented through new award


The pioneering work of Eng. Terefe Raswork lives on as the first-year commemoration of the telecommunications trailblazer are recalled on Saturday, May 5, 2023, at the Science Museum.
Government officials, notable professors, religious leaders, friends and relatives of the late engineer attended the event organized by his children in partnership with Tewedaj Media and Communication. As part of the event, a biographical book of the late Terefe, titled “Man of Ankoboru in Geneva” was prepared by journalist Ezra Ejigu, CEO of Tewedaj Media and Communication, depicting research and the life of the engineer since 2013.
Eng. Terefe is renowned for his development of technology such as the Amharic tele-printer in Ethiopia, which he created at the age of 25 under the reign of King Haile Selassie to which he travelled to Germany and obtained an intellectual property patent for his new invention.
The dynamic Engineer served on the Telecommunications Board for ten years; and was in charge of the African affairs at the International Telecommunication Union for more than 40 years and had also preserved the country’s heritage by rebuilding the Ankober Palace Lodge, Menelik’s palace; without leaving its former possession.
At his first year’s commemoration event, the Terefe Raswork Technology Award was also announced. Through this award, each year scientists and researchers who have made a significant contribution to technology and communication are said to receive a financial award of up to 500,000 birr.
On the day, the Amharic tele-printer invented by Eng. Terefe Raswork 55 years back was handed to the Ethiopian Heritage Authority for conservation.