Name: Abdilkerim Usman Mohamed

Education: Auto mechanic

Company name: Abdulkeriem Mechanical and electrical garage

Title: Auto Mechanic

Founded in: 1998


What it do: Auto Mechanics

Hq: Around Kuas Meda, Addis Ababa

Number of Employees: 8

Startup capital: 100,000 birr

Current Capital: Growing

Reason for starting the Business: Because of the passion Profession

Biggest perk of ownership: Space for garage

Biggest strength: Excellent customer service, Persistent and committed

Biggest challenge: Finance

Plan: Car Assembly Company

First career: Auto Mechanic

Most interested in meeting: Haile Gebrselassie

Most admired person: Nelson Mandela

Stress reducer: Watching movies or reading books

Favorite past time: Saudi Arabia

Favorite book: Quran

Favorite destination: Seychelles

Favorite automobile: Ferrari


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