Sunday, June 16, 2024

Trade ministry goes at all lengths to align a proclamation


An imminent amendment of a two decade old law undergoes re-revision by the Ministry of Trade and Regional Integration (MoTRI) for the re-establishment of a proclamation for the Chamber of Commerce.
The new proclamation now places three stages of organizational structures.
At the first draft discussions which dated a few months back, backlash ensued following the proclamation being title as ‘Chamber of Commerce’.
The opposition mostly stemmed from industry actors and other business associations who strongly cited that the description of the proclamation was not inclusive with regards to representing the activities and insisted the formation of a separate association that mirrored them.
In the latest draft proclamation, the ministry has now included the industry sector and given the proclamation title under, ‘Chambers of Commerce and Industry’, which has been well received by the members of the industry sector.
During the discussions held on Saturday May 13, participants appreciated the move to which representatives of the Ministry explained that it was a due response done on their part to accommodate those who will be members of the chamber.
However, a segment of the industry sector representatives criticized that even though the proclamation mentioned the industry sector on its description, it did not mention anything in its articles about the specific sector.
The draft proclamation put three structures for the administration of the chambers. Based on that, the council has been included on the structure with a seat in between the general assembly which is the higher body of the chamber and the board of directors that is assigned by the general assembly.
The newly revised law did however not state the membership conditions, but assured that it will be done so in a directive that will follow the proclamation.
The first draft document on its description indicated that membership will be mandatory for businesses, and companies, who have multiple branches throughout the country who will be members of the national chamber rather than the city chamber.
Regarding membership for those who have multiple branches in more than one region or city, the re-reviewed draft proclamation stated that their membership will be determined by a directive that will be issued after the amendment of the proclamation.
The chamber of commerce and sectorial association establishment proclamation 341/2003 which was last ratified two decades ago has been criticized by different stakeholders. Multiple papers and studies have been developed on the aim to improve the proclamation and government on its end has also facilitated several discussions to better the proclamation.
The previous description document which was issued by MoTRI also acknowledged the same and cited that the document read that prior to and after ratification of the proclamation, it did not get consent from the business community hence the stir of controversy.
Organization structure, membership, representation, powers and duties, were some of the areas that were identified as sources of debate.
The document added that the proclamation should be amended on the consideration of the sector benefit, the global situation and economic growth.
In order to solve the challenges and make the chambers fruitful and helpful to the economic growth and congruency with government policies and other laws, the new coming proclamation has been drafted.
The draft highlighted that the various controversial points in the current proclamation will be addressed.

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