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Ethiopian community rally support to erect school in Djibouti

The Ethiopian Community Association in Djibouti announces that it needs inclusive support to kick start the construction of its Ethiopian Community School in Djibouti on a parcel of land that it received courtesy of the Djibouti government.
As Ashenafi Marege, Head of Ethiopian Community Association in Djibouti, indicates, despite the process taking several years to come to fruition, with the consistent support of the current Ethiopian Ambassador to Djibouti Berhanu Tsegaye, the government of Djibouti has transferred the title deed of four hectares of land for the establishment of the community school in the country.
According to the Association head, the issue had been of major concern to Ethiopian parents residing in Djibouti.
The Ethiopian community, which comprises the largest foreigner base in the country, normally sends their kids to school in a curriculum different from Ethiopia, which presents a challenge when the students come back to their home to country to continue with their studies.
“Stemming from this issue, for the past several years, the community has expressed its need to establish a school with an Ethiopian curriculum, which has now got a positive response from the Djibouti government,” Ashenafi, who has led the Association for the last 12 years, explained.
“Currently, we have secured a 4 hectare piece of land at Negad, a southern outskirt of Djibouti city close to the railway station,” he stated.
Early last year, Dire Dawa University handed over the building design for free, “As per the design, the project that will accommodate a school system beginning from kindergarten to 12th grade will consume about USD 5.5 million.”
As Ashenafi highlights, “Currently, the Community Association and the facility that was established 35 years ago with the presence of the former Vice President Fisseha Desta has formed a committee that is overlooked by Ambassador Berhanu, and is on the process to mobilize resource to realize the project.”
“We expected support not only from the Ethiopian community but also from the citizens,” he said.
“So far we have been approaching different actors including players at the port area and international organizations in Djibouti. The Djibouti government has provided the land and others are supporting us,” he added.
“Nonetheless, we need to view the case as a symbolic relation for the two countries since the facility will also provide services for both the countries students,” he concluded.
The Ethiopian community in Djibouti is estimated to be about 200,000.


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