Sunday, May 19, 2024

City council issues a big No!


High rise developers eyeing “diplomatic safe haven of Bole” bite the dust

The Addis Ababa City Construction Permit and Control Authority bans erection of high rise construction projects around Bole Wereda 3, one of the city’s diplomatic hotspots, owing to city standards as well as safety and security.
The area’s residents, majorly diplomatic representatives and senior government officials have claimed that high rise building projects may affect their residential right.
As the letter issued on July 19, and signed by Sitotaw Akale, Director General of Ababa City Construction Permit and Control Authority, reveals, starting from last year, the city administration began implementing a city standard on the aim to make the capital city suitable and attractive.
The letter further cited that the implementation process so far is fairing smoothly.
According to the writing, an additional study is currently being carried out by the city administration Plan and Development Commission to decide on a set of building height stipulations on some areas.
“In light of this, till the finalization of the study and its applicability thereof; construction on the area behind Ramada Hotel is to be suspended,” the letter that was sent to the Bole Sub City Construction Permit and Control Office read.
The letter highlighted that the area accommodates several countries’ embassies and diplomats alike. Furthermore, it stated that the current houses were constructed as per the well established urban plan and standard.
“Any new construction and those who got permit to do so, are hence suspended until further notice,” the letter cited signaling the wait for the study to come out, before any final decisions are made.
As shown, the area is one of the locations in the city that have standard houses and accommodate government and private luxury houses that makes it a preferred residency for those who come to Addis, a major diplomatic and mission hub of Africa.
Apart from the international appeal, the area boasts standard houses that are owned by the Federal Housing Corporation whose residents are key government figures.
Cognizant of the lucrative vicinity, some high rise building and apartment developers are pushing to construct huge buildings that may affect the area and city standard besides, posing potential safety and security challenges for residents, state sources who closely follow the case.
As sources inclined, the city administration is getting ready to utilize the area with a common G+2 building standards similar to that of around Old Airport, which is located on the western Addis Ababa wing, and called home by the senior diplomatic community.
The city administration has set a standard for some parts of the Old Airport area to strictly adhere to only G+2 buildings.

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