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CCBA-Ethiopia Recognized for Impactful Road-Safety Practices

CCBA-Ethiopia Recognized for Impactful Road-Safety Practices

CCBA-Ethiopia was honored and awarded for promoting and ensuring road safety from the Road Safety & Insurance Fund Service last Saturday at the Intercontinental Hotel. The recognition was given for reducing accidents and providing defensive driving training in various cities over the past 3 months.

“Safety is one of CCBA-Ethiopia’s core values,” said Solomon Tesfaye, Logistics Director of CCBA-Ethiopia. “Through a variety of initiatives and activities, CCBA-Ethiopia promotes traffic safety and the security knowledge and skills to its staff and community.”

Road safety refers to the steps taken to lower the possibility of accidents resulting in injuries or fatalities.

CCBA-Ethiopia over the years promoted and strives for zero-fatality and road safety. With over 500 vehicles under its wing, the Company drivers are highly required to act responsibly taught to drive carefully, and value themselves, their families, and customers.

CCBA-Ethiopia continuously conducts a technical and “Defensive Driving” campaign in all its plants based in Addis Abeba, Bahar Dar, Dire Dawa, Sebeta, and Ambo for drivers, and the community. Over 200 company vehicle drivers also received an intensive Defensive Driving Training program.

“Drivers are reminded to be alert and responsible for maintaining the company’s zero-accident record,” Solomon said.

“Ensuring the safety of our drivers is of utmost importance to CCBA-Ethiopia. We absolutely mandate annual leave for all drivers across all our plants to prevent accidents caused by heavy workloads and exhaustion. Moreover, we conduct annual medical examinations and practical tests to ensure that our drivers possess the necessary qualifications to operate vehicles and carry out their daily tasks in a safe manner,” Solomon added.

CCBA-Ethiopia also actively participates in decreasing road accidents in collaboration with governmental and non-governmental stakeholders. The company launched a Road Traffic Safety campaign themed “Stop! Respect the Road.” campaign.

The campaign, which spans over a month, was focused on addressing five issues: speeding, distracted driving, using mobile devices while driving, and pedestrian safety.

Before releasing its vehicles from the workshop, CCBA-Ethiopia ensures that they are safe to drive to ensure traffic safety and minimize accidents. Old trucks will be stored so that safety components can be evaluated for malfunctions and repaired as needed prior to use. Furthermore, it delivers a comprehensive understanding to fleet technicians and supervisors.

At CCBA-Ethiopia, a road safety campaign is vital to reminding all drivers and everyone on the road are invaluable to the firm and their families.

“We all have a life to protect, we all are responsible for one another,” Solomon said.

According to the World Health Organization’s recent report, around 1.3 million people are led to death and as many as 50 million people are injured worldwide every year due to traffic-related injuries. The United Nations launched a Road Safety Strategy in 2019, with the objective of reducing the number of road crashes by 50 percent by 2030.

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