Saturday, July 13, 2024

Counter-drone technology goes live at Bole Int’l Airport


By our staff reporter

An anti-drone system developed by CS Group – a French IT service firm commences operation at Bole International Airport marking a new era for Ethiopian Airlines Group and the aviation industry in sub- Saharan Africa.

The system that was debuted on November 24, through a generous donation from the French Embassy in Ethiopia to the Ethiopian Civil Aviation Authority is now set to provide cutting-edge counter-drone technology services to the airport’s bustling vicinity.

According to Mesfien Tasew, CEO of Ethiopian Airline, “Civil aviation is growing all over the world. These drones can be flown for various reasons. Some may be flown for sport, some for entertainment, some may be flown by the enemy. Regardless of the reason, flying aircraft should not be intercepted by any flying object, including drones, especially in the vicinity of airports.”

The new policy will help reduce the negative impact of any flying objects, especially drones, by controlling illegal imports and imposing strict regulations on their use in an effort to prevent their negative impact on air transport security.

In related developments, MEDEF, the French Business Confederation have disclosed plans to digitize the historical heritage in Ethiopia.

Whilst showcasing works to be done on Lalibela, MEDEF informed that over the last two years, the training of Ethiopians on stone carving and the digitization of manuscripts was going on smoothly.

According to Philippe Labonne, the president of Africa Global Logistics, “To this end, together with the Ethiopian Heritage Authority, we have obtained UNESCO’s agreement to continue the project. UNESCO has requested additional studies on hydraulic dynamics, which are three special studies that the Ethiopian government should prepare for UNESCO to give the green light.”

The delegation is said to include 22 French companies from sectors such as logistics, infrastructure, telecommunications, healthcare, culture and education.

Their visit is said to be part of France’s efforts to strengthen its economic participation in East Africa and the Horn of Africa.

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