Tuesday, February 20, 2024

Journalist Genene Mekuria’s sudden death leaves many in shock


Ethiopian sport media has been into a shocking treatment following the sudden death of renowned yet controversial journalist Genene Mekuria. The news of his sudden death which occurred on Tuesday 24th January 2024 has left many in a state of shock and immense sadness.

More than three decades in Ethiopian Media, Genene popularly known “Libro” had been famous for the weekly sport’s newspaper Libro before switching to Radio later a presenter of “Tekur Engeda” television talk show. Genene’s thirty plus years in media and his three books were considered by many as readymade stories including his claim to play at Electric FC in mid-eighties. His ideal thinking of “Ball Possession” tactical play was also a major controversial issue among Ethiopian Football fans.  

According to unofficial sources the 61 year-old Genene had been hospitalized for diabetes followed by amputations yet the news was kept hidden from the public for nearly a year. The widely circulating rumors have raised numerous questions among the public regarding the circumstances of his death. 

With the unexpected death news of John Short’s passing, numerous questions have been raised about the cause of his death. As of now, there is no clear answer, as neither the family nor close acquaintances have provided any specific details. This silence has only compounded the speculation and curiosity surrounding his sudden departure. 

Genene Mekuria’s funeral took place on Thursday at Holy Trinity Cathedral and survived by his wife W/O Aster and two childrens Naod and Elom. 

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