Saturday, April 13, 2024

Ethiopian expands its domestic network to Dembi Dollo


Ethiopian Airlines Group, the largest airline group in Africa, has announced the expansion of its domestic services to Dembi Dollo in South-Western Ethiopia. Starting from February 26, 2024, Ethiopian Airlines will offer thrice weekly passenger services to Dembi Dollo. The new service aims to provide a safe and convenient means of transport for the people of Dembi Dollo and the surrounding area. It is expected that this air service will contribute to the socio-economic development of the region by facilitating tourism, trade, and investment. Ethiopian Airlines is committed to developing air transport services throughout Ethiopia, and this initiative is a testament to that commitment.

Mesfin Tasew, the CEO of Ethiopian Airlines Group, expressed his pleasure in announcing the reconnection of Dembi Dollo to Addis Ababa and the rest of the domestic network. He highlighted the significance of this air service in providing a safe and convenient mode of transportation for the residents of Dembi Dollo and the surrounding areas. Tasew also emphasized that the new service is expected to stimulate socio-economic development in the region by facilitating tourism, trade, and investment.

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