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Liberia: President Boakai Nominates Additional Officials of Government


The President of the Republic of Liberia, His Excellency Joseph Nyuma Boakai, Sr., has constituted the Board of the Forestry Development Authority (FDA), added a member to the Liberia Water and Sewer Corporation Board and nominated local government officials of Gbarpolu County. 

Those nominated are: 

I. Board of the Forestry Development Authority (FDA)

1.    Philip C. Parker Jr., Chairman 
2.    Isaac Grigsby, Member 
3.    Loretta Pope Kai, Member 
4.    President of the Liberian Bank for Development and Investment –Statutory Member
5.    Ministry of Labor –Statutory Member
6.    Ministry of Agriculture– Statutory Member
7.    Liberia Land Authority– Statutory Member
8.    The Managing Director, Secretary, and non-voting member of the Board
II. Board of the Liberia Water and Sewer Corporation (LWSC)

1.    Mohammed Barrie—Member 

III. Gbarpolu County Local Government 

1.    Sam K. Zinnah, Superintendent 
2.    James Kpoto Scott, County Administrative Officer
3.    Howard P. Bunday, County Finance Officer
4.    Onagbah S. Mormalee, County Development Officer
5.    Siah Kieh Victor, City Mayor- Bopolu City 
6.    Karma Boima, Relieving Commissioner Gbarpolu County 
7.    Jestina Dukuly, District Commissioner, Bopolu District 
8.    Musa D. Kamara, District Commissioner, Gbarma District 
9.    Lawerance Sherbro, District Commissioner, Kongba District 
10.    Milton Yarkpawolo Gertee Sr., District Commissioner, Gou Wolala District 
11.    John M. Belleh, District Commissioner, Belleh District 
12.    John K. Korsee, District Commissioner, Bokomu District 
13.    Beyan M. Yarsiah, Township Commissioner, Bella Yallah Township
14.    Joseph T. Mulbah, Township Commissioner, Bella Fassama Township
15.    Debbie M. Gokpolu, Statutory Superintendent, Bokomu Statutory District
16.    Harris F. Tanjoe, Sr., Statutory District Development Officer, Bokomu Statutory District
17.    Ballah S. Saywo, Statutory District Administrative Officer, Bokomu Statutory District
18.    Harris C. Kawolo, Statutory District Reliving Commissioner, Bokomu Statutory District
19.    Edwin Mcgill, Statutory Superintendent, Gbarma Statutory District
20.    Quaye B. Varney, Statutory District Development Officer, Gbarma Statutory District 
21.    Melvin Marab Statutory District Administrative Officer, Gbarma Statutory District
22.     Emmanuel Moma, Statutory District Relieving Commissioner, Gbarma Statutory District

These nominations, where applicable, are subject to confirmation by the Liberian Senate. 

Furthermore, all local government positions published shall commensurate with the Local Government Act of 2018 to reflect the appropriate nomenclatures. 

President Boakai further calls on all those nominated and appointed to continue to demonstrate diligence, commitment, integrity, professionalism, and loyalty in service to country.  

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