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Canon Central and North Africa Collaborates with Kidzania Cairo to Launch Canon Photography Studio in Egypt


Canon Central and North Africa ( is thrilled to announce its partnership with KidZania Cairo, to introduce a Canon Photography Studio at KidZania in Cairo, Egypt. The new innovative space is designed to provide children from 8-14 years of age with a unique opportunity to explore the world of photography, learn about Canon’s cutting-edge technology, and unleash their creativity in a fun and interactive environment.

The Canon Photography Studio at KidZania Cairo is set to become a captivating and creative play space where children can engage in a variety of activities related to photography. The aim is to create an immersive experience that not only entertains but also educates and empowers young minds while igniting their creativity.

“We are delighted to embark on this exciting collaboration with KidZania Cairo. Canon has always been committed to inspiring creativity and nurturing a passion for technology and innovation. The Canon Photography Studio at KidZania Cairo is more than a play space; it’s a gateway for children to explore the captivating world of photography, learn about leading-edge technology, and, most importantly, have fun while doing so. The indoor city built to scale for kids, is an innovative and educational concept where children can engage in various role-playing activities and simulate real-world jobs and professions. We believe in the power of education through experience, and this collaboration aligns perfectly with our mission to empower the next generation of photographers,” says Amine Djouahra, B2C Business Unit Director, Canon Central and North Africa.

Building upon the success of the Canon Academy Juniors programme, the studio at KidZania Cairo adopts a similar educational empowerment approach tailored to children’s unique scale, level, and language comprehension. Much like the forementioned initiatives, the studio at KidZania Cairo aspires to instil valuable knowledge and empower young minds in a way that resonates with the dynamic and creative world of children.

For many years, Canon has been committed to empowering young people and providing them with tools and opportunities for personal and educational growth. Initiatives like this with KidZania Cairo play a vital role in enabling young people, providing them with opportunities for skills development and access to education, and fostering personal growth.

“The collaboration between KidZania Cairo and Canon marks a significant stride towards enriching educational experiences for children. By integrating Canon’s expertise in photography with KidZania’s immersive learning environment, we are poised to provide a unique platform for young minds to explore the realms of creativity and technology. Together, we aim to inspire the next generation of photographers and creators, equipping them with valuable skills and insights that will shape their future endeavours,” says Ahmed Ibrahim Habib, CEO for KidZania Cairo. 

The Canon Photography Studio at KidZania Cairo will feature a diverse range of activities. Children will also learn the art of composing a visually appealing photograph. Through interactive games and activities, they will understand the importance of angles, lighting, and framing.

Additionally, they will get hands-on experience with Canon’s latest technology. After capturing memorable moments, they will have the chance to bring their creations to life by using a Canon printer to print their photographs. Canon and KidZania Cairo are committed to providing children with a unique and enriching experience. Equipped with newfound experience in camera operation, lens variation, and the intricacies of capturing and printing images, children will emerge with a well-rounded skill set that transcends the fundamentals of basic photography. By combining play and learning, the Canon Photography Studio at KidZania Cairo aims to leave a lasting impression on young minds, inspiring the future generation of photographers.

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About Canon Central and North Africa:
Canon Central and North Africa (CCNA) ( is a division within Canon Middle East FZ LLC (CME), a subsidiary of Canon Europe. The formation of CCNA in 2016 was a strategic step that aimed to enhance Canon’s business within the Africa region – by strengthening Canon’s in-country presence and focus. CCNA also demonstrates Canon’s commitment to operating closer to its customers and meeting their demands in the rapidly evolving African market.

Canon has been represented in the African continent for more than 15 years through distributors and partners that have successfully built a solid customer base in the region. CCNA ensures the provision of high quality, technologically advanced products that meet the requirements of Africa’s rapidly evolving marketplace. With over 100 employees, CCNA manages sales and marketing activities across 44 countries in Africa.

Canon’s corporate philosophy is Kyosei ( – ‘living and working together for the common good’. CCNA pursues sustainable business growth, focusing on reducing its own environmental impact and supporting customers to reduce theirs using Canon’s products, solutions and services. At Canon, we are pioneers, constantly redefining the world of imaging for the greater good. Through our technology and our spirit of innovation, we push the bounds of what is possible – helping us to see our world in ways we never have before. We help bring creativity to life, one image at a time. Because when we can see our world, we can transform it for the better.

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