Sunday, May 19, 2024

EMC commemorates World Press Freedom Day with focus on journalism, environmental crisis

By our staff reporter , Photo by Anteneh Aklilu


The World Press Freedom Day celebration took place on Friday, May 10, under the theme “Journalism in the Face of the Environmental Crisis,” organized by the Ethiopian Media Council (EMC). 

Teguest Yilma, Chairperson of the EMC General Assembly, highlighted the importance of media and journalists in addressing global environmental concerns during this year’s Press Freedom Day.

Teguest emphasized that the environmental crisis is a global issue that affects people’s lives worldwide, not confined to a single location. Ethiopia, as a country impacted by this crisis, is determined to combat it by utilizing various strategies, and the media plays a crucial role in amplifying and strengthening the country’s efforts.

In her statement, Teguest called upon relevant government agencies to ensure the protection of journalists, allowing them to carry out their work without fear of harm.

Henok Seyoum highlights the difficulties faced by journalists while covering environmental concerns during a panel discussion. 

He said that one of the causes of the nation’s social, economic, and political instability is environmental issues.  

Participants in the meeting, including an Environment Protection Authority representative, urged the media to increase their efforts in covering environmental and climate-related stories.

Although the EMC leadership expressed concern, they also noted that one of the main obstacles to increasing Ethiopian media coverage of the problem is lack of funding.

Invited guests and dignitaries including the French ambassador, Rémi Maréchaux, attended the event.

Rita Bissoonauth, who heads UNESCO’s delegation in Ethiopia, emphasized the importance of protecting the environment.  

Safeguarding journalists is vital for maintaining press freedom and enabling them to fulfill their responsibilities effectively.

The World Press Freedom Day celebration focused on acknowledging the role of journalism in addressing the environmental crisis and emphasized the need for collaboration between media and government agencies to tackle this global challenge.

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