Saturday, July 13, 2024

Name: Biruk Tsehay


2. Education: Biotechnology degree

3. Company Name: Biruk Selamawit and Friends Compost Manufacturing

4. Title: Founder and Manager

5. Founded: 2021

6. What it does: Production of organic fertilizer (compost)

7. Headquarters: Addis Ababa

8. Startup Capital: 30,000 birr

9. Current Capital: Close to 1 million birr

10. Employees: 14

11. Reason for starting the business: To address agricultural input challenges in Ethiopia, particularly the accessibility of fertilizer for farmers.

12. Biggest perk of ownership: Freedom to make impactful decisions.

13. Biggest ,Strength: Focused approach to business.

14. Biggest Challenge: Lack of understanding among people and financial constraints due to knowledge gaps.

15. Plan: To become the largest fertilizer manufacturer in Africa.

16. First Career: Car wash (Liabajo)

17. Most Interested in Meeting: Ermias Amelga

18. Admired Person: Dr. Woretaw Bezabeh

19. Stress Reducer: Working, especially in the wood.

20. Favorite Book: Abdurahman Seyyid’s “Wotatenet”

21. Favorite Pastime: Music and learning history.

22. Destination: Tanzania

23. Automobile: Land Cruiser

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