Sunday, June 16, 2024

Renewable energy potential untapped in developing nations

By our staff reporter, Photo by Anteneh Aklilu


The 2nd Global South-South Energy Summit, held in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia from May 22-23, 2024, has shone a spotlight on the challenges faced by developing nations in harnessing their abundant renewable energy resources.

Despite countries like Ethiopia possessing huge potential for renewable energy generation, they are often forced to purchase expensive technology from developed nations, unable to fully utilize these resources to power their own growth and development.

“Developing countries, including Ethiopia, are facing significant challenges due to a lack of capacity to use electricity, but are unable to develop the sector more efficiently and effectively,” said one summit participant.

The conference, attended by over 500 policymakers, entrepreneurs, technologists, investors, academics, and environmentalists from Africa, Asia, and Latin America, aimed to explore solutions to this pressing issue.

“Africa, Asia, and Latin America are the regions cited as examples, all of which together are focused on how to access electricity and use technology using renewable energy,” the organizers stated.

At the summit, new renewable solar energy technologies were introduced, featuring over 30 speakers, 20 exhibitors from Africa and India, and 10 field visits showcasing modern solar discoveries.

The event highlighted the potential of decentralized renewable energy solutions to promote inclusive growth, empower marginalized communities, and build climate resilience.

“The focus was on creating new economic opportunities supported by clean energy and building climate resilience,” the organizers said. “Enhancing knowledge sharing has been consulted on what they call impact program design and developing off-grid solar solutions for agriculture, livelihoods, and health.”

Participants stressed the need for developed nations to provide greater support and technology transfer to enable developing countries to harness their renewable energy potential more effectively, ultimately driving sustainable economic and social development.

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