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President Ramkalawan addresses the Korea-Africa Summit 2024


The President of the Republic of Seychelles, Mr Wavel Ramkalawan is currently leading the Seychelles delegation at the Korea-Africa Summit taking place at Kintex, Ilsan Province in South-Korea.

The Summit was officially opened by the President of the Republic of Korea, His Excellency Mr. Yoon Suk Yeol during which he extended a warm welcome to all the African leaders and delegates participating in this important conference hosted by South Korea.

Amongst the various African leaders who addressed the conference during the Heads of State Plenary segment in the morning, President Ramkalawan described this inaugural Korea-Africa Summit as a significant milestone signaling the dawn of new opportunities for strategic collaboration and prosperity.

Speaking at the summit, President Ramkalawan highlighted the various challenges affecting the African continent and stressed on how these can only be addressed through the collective collaboration and strategic partnerships. 

“In addressing the complex challenges of our times, such as climate crisis, transnational crime, and conflicts, it is evident that no single nation can address these issues in isolation. The theme of our Summit, “The Future We Make Together: Shared Growth, Sustainability, and Solidarity” resonates deeply with the vision outlined in Agenda 2063 for Seychelles and the entire African continent. It emphasises the urgent need for collective action to foster mutual economic growth and realise our shared aspirations as equal partners.

The potential for a transformative partnership between Africa and Korea is palpable, rooted in mutual respect and a shared commitment to sustainable development. By leveraging our respective strengths and synergies, we have the opportunity to catalyse positive change not only within our regions but also on a global scale” stressed President Ramkalawan. 

The President emphasized on the critical importance of the combined partnership for growth potentials that exist through the Korea-African enhanced relations. “Central to our discussions lies the imperative of inclusive growth. Korea’s technological prowess, coupled with Africa’s youthful demographic and abundant natural resources, present a fertile ground for collaboration across various sectors. It is essential that our cooperation benefits all segments of society, empowering our youth through quality education and embracing sustainable economic models. Additionally, the robust economy of Korea and Africa’s progress in economic integration, exemplified by initiatives like the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA), serve as cornerstones for fostering economic growth, enhancing trade, and increasing investment opportunities for both regions.”

Addressing the conference, President Ramkalawan also took the opportunity to stress on the important role of African Small Island nations and the cooperation possibilities Africa Small Island Developing States (Africa SIDS) has to offer. He further highlighted Seychelles’ strong commitment towards enhancing relations in various domains with the Republic of Korea.

“Africa, which – lest we forget – also comprises of small African Island Developing States. Seychelles, with its strategic location and conducive business environment, is eager to enhance economic ties with Korea. We have unique advantages to offer for fostering entrepreneurship and connections. As fervent advocates for sustainability, Seychelles is committed to deepening cooperation with Korea in areas such as climate change adaptation, environmental protection, and the Blue Economy. Investing in sustainable infrastructure projects will not only bolster Africa’s economic stability but also enhance resilience, fortifying the Korea-Africa partnership for the long term. Sustainability, I should emphasise, is not merely a goal but a moral obligation that underpins our collective future.”

During the Leaders morning plenary session, various other African Heads of State also took the floor, including countries such as Ethiopia, Rwanda, Mauritius, Madagascar, Tanzania, Guinea-Bisau, Central Africa Republic, Ghana, Cabo Verde, Kenya and many others. The Korea-Africa Summit Pleanary session was also an opportunity for President Ramkalawan to interact with other African leaders and senior government officials. 

President Ramkalawan will tomorrow hold discussions with the President of the Republic Korea.

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