Sunday, June 16, 2024

Jiji expands premium services to Ethiopia


By our staff reporter

Jiji, a leading African classifieds platform, has announced the launch of its premium services in Ethiopia, aiming to empower businesses and spur economic growth in the country’s burgeoning e-commerce sector.

The introduction of Jiji Premium Services in Ethiopia comes at a pivotal time, as the East African nation’s e-commerce market is projected to reach a staggering $465.70 million in revenue by 2024, growing at an annual rate of 13.30% and hitting $869.50 million by 2029, according to market analysis.

Jiji’s premium offerings, which include a range of “Boost Packages” tailored to meet the diverse needs of businesses, promise to provide Ethiopian entrepreneurs and SMEs with powerful tools to enhance their visibility, increase sales, and drive revenue growth. Features such as “Pro Sales,” which allows sellers to pay for real clicks and control their ad spending, are designed to deliver tangible results.

“We’re excited to bring Jiji Premium Services to Ethiopia, a country with a vibrant entrepreneurial spirit,” said Anton Volianskyi, Jiji’s Co-Founder and CEO. “Our goal is to stimulate the growth of the economic market by empowering individuals and businesses to engage in commerce, reach new customers, and grow their enterprises.”

Jiji’s expansion into the Ethiopian market builds upon its proven track record of success in other major African markets, including Nigeria, Ghana, and Kenya, where the platform boasts over 12 million monthly unique visits and hundreds of thousands of active businesses.

“Our Premium Services continue to drive growth for over 250,000 businesses leveraging our promotional tools to increase their visibility, sales, and revenue,” Volianskyi added. “This shows the tremendous potential we have to drive growth and development for SMEs in the Ethiopian market.”

With the introduction of Jiji Premium Services, the company aims to enhance access to goods and services, promote financial inclusion, and support Ethiopia’s rapidly evolving e-commerce ecosystem – ultimately contributing to the broader economic development of the country.

“We’re committed to replicating this success in Ethiopia with well-tailored promotional services and features that meet the needs of our users,” Volianskyi said. “Since we announced our intention of introducing the Premium Services into Ethiopia, we’ve had over half a million monthly users, 25,000 active sellers, and we’re currently number one in various categories, including cars and real estate.”

As Ethiopia’s e-commerce market continues to flourish, Jiji’s entry with its premium offerings positions the company as a key player in driving the country’s digital transformation and economic growth.

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