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CBRE Excellerate revolutionises property transactions with enhanced CBRE-X online platform featuring CLICKTOPURCHASE®


CBRE Excellerate ( is poised to usher in a new era for the hospitality industry with the enhanced CBRE-X Online platform that now integrates ClicktoPurchase®, delivering an unmatched level of promotion and transaction capability for African hotel properties.

CBRE Excellerate’s evolved strategy combines state-of-the-art technology with the proven effectiveness of ClicktoPurchase® to offer superior quality in property presentation, exhaustive data gathering, strategic marketing depth, and accelerated market penetration. This enhanced platform is designed to secure a cost-effective and efficient sales process while maintaining our commitment to corporate governance, transparency, and trust.

“We are excited about introducing ClicktoPurchase® on our CBRE-X Online platform, truly modernising how hotel properties are transacted across Africa,” stated Fabio Nava, Director: Capital Markets at CBRE Excellerate, speaking ahead of the Africa Hospitality Investment Forum (AHIF). “By participating in the AHIF Conference in Namibia, we seek to establish meaningful connections with industry frontrunners and showcase our innovative, technologically advanced platform. We encourage everyone to engage with us and witness how this transformative tool reshapes property sales.”

Key Advantages of the Enhanced CBRE-X Online Platform Featuring ClicktoPurchase®

Superior Presentation Excellence: Crystal-clear visuals and intricate descriptions to captivate prospective purchasers.
Robust Data Collection: Deep data analytics harnessed to glean insights and refine marketing approaches.
Expedited Market Entry: Swift deployment capabilities that promise listings are marketed promptly to an International Audience.
Unwavering Governance and Transparency: Persistent dedication to upstanding practices fostering trust amongst all partners.

Extending beyond these key features, CBRE Excellerate brings to bear its proficiency in capital strategies and tailored solutions that resonate across diverse markets. With a strong commitment to sustainable growth and perpetual innovation, CBRE Excellerate not only meets the immediate needs of its clientele but also fosters future-forward thinking within the hotel sales industry.

For more information, touch base with our CBRE Excellerate Team at Exhibition Stand E4 at the AHIF Conference. Don’t miss out on this unique and innovative approach to hotel property sales. 

Distributed by APO Group on behalf of CBRE Excellerate.

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