African Mosaique Fashion Festival AMFF2020


On December 12 and 13, 2020 the fourth Annual African Mosaique Fashion Festival will take place at the African Mosaique Design Center and Manufacturing Hub, Legetafo. This event attracts more than 1,000 guests annually from the business and international community, government officials, diplomatic community, designers and press. This year due to Covid- 19 a digital platform will be introduced where the entire festival and fashion show will be available on You Tube and Instagram TV for an international audience of thousands of viewers. The event will follow proper COVID protocol to protect the safety of our guests and participants.
African Mosaique Design Center and Manufacturing Hub, the first of its kind in Ethiopia, will continue celebrating local Fashion while identifying and promoting emerging designers, as well as provide training, production, and showcasing facilities for emerging and established designers alongside networking and business facilitation.
With a firm base now in Ethiopia, African Mosaique will continue to play a lead role in developing innovative and inclusive platforms to engage and advance the local and African fashion industry.
The two-day festival is packed with a fashion show and exciting shopping experience from some of Ethiopia’s creative emerging talent and award-winning established designers.
Live band, interior design installations from leading furniture designers and display of Art and creative works from up and coming artisans and designers will be showcased.
African Mosaique (AM), is primarily a high end-fashion and clothing production enterprise, export- oriented, registered in Ethiopia, and operational in the Legetafo area on the outskirts of Addis Ababa. AM designs, manufactures and markets high end, value added garments, with fabrics and other raw materials sourced primarily from Ethiopian and other African textiles mills.
The company employs mostly women, many who are young trainees and from low-income segments. The company also provides mentorship and collaborates with up and coming young designers and entrepreneurs in the fashion and apparel industry. It serves as a platform to emerging and established Ethiopian and other African designers, by providing on-job training, transfer of knowledge and marketing opportunities.
Following its acquisition in 2015 of 9 000 square meters of land in a light industry area on the outskirts of Addis Ababa, AM has built an integrated design centre and manufacturing hub for itself and other small and medium sized designers. The centre and hub, the first of its kind, produces thousands of designs and garments each year, as well as provide training, production and showcasing facilities for other designers. Owned and managed by Anna Getaneh, an Ethiopian social entrepreneur and fashion designer, has worked in Europe, the US and South Africa for many years, where she had a successful international modeling career. She is also the Founder and Chairman of the ECF Children’s Fund, an educational and training NGO.
Birabiro by Meron Abreha
Meaza Clothing By Meaza Beyene
Shadez by Solome Kiflu
Yefiker BY Fikrte Addis
Lali BY Lemlem T/Haimanot
Ayni’s Design BY Aynalem Ayele
Menena BY Nardos Fekadu
Fozia Clothing and Accessories BY Fozia Endrias
Ye Tsedey BY Tsedey Kebede
Nur Addis BY Nur Kedir
African Mosaique Collection
By Anna Getaneh
UNDKEN BY Kenny Allen
Kootkeet BY Daniel Taddesse
Tibeb Leather BY Milki Aberra and Yonatan Asrat
Dinksira BY Saron
Lulit’s by Lulit Sahle
Limich BY Yonael Merga
Rn Clothings By Nolawi
Balaabyssinia BY Abraham
Inkdin BY Diana
Abyssinia Design BY Leul
Ethiopian Batik Art BY Nunu and Haymanot
Ye Abyssinia By Meklit Getachew
Zola’s Play ground By Zola
Rainbow Foam By Yeabeseleom
T’chakka BY Feven Tsehaye