Brazilian podcast tells the story of Saint George FC


Fernet Bola is a podcast that brings light to chapters of football that are little discussed by the big sports media in Brazil, a conversation that goes through culture and even society about the issues that are protagonists. Created by journalists Bruno Núñez and Rodrigo Fragoso, who are also the narrators of these rare stories for the Brazilian public, Fernet Bola is part of Corner, an important football publication in Brazil. In addition, Fernet Bola has that name in homage to Fernet Cola, a drink closely related to football. The podcast has the hour of “La Barra al 45”, where sommelier Leonardo Russo brings a drink related to the theme of the episode.
In the 11th episode of Fernet Bola “Saint George: Resistance against fascism in Ethiopia”, Fragoso and Núñez go to Africa to tell one of the most incredible stories. The protagonist is Saint George, or Kidus Georgis, the greatest champion in Ethiopia, but who has great importance in the Ethiopian resistance against the Italian fascists who invaded the country.
In addition to all the importance for its fans, the episode tells the story of three great names in Ethiopian football who passed through the club: Yidnekatchew Tessema, Mengistu Worku and Luciano Vassalo.
Fernet Bola also travels through Ethiopia’s problems, from the first war between Italians and Ethiopians to the conflict in the Tigray region in 2020, and how these wars can be explained using football.
It also explains the devotion of Saint George in the country and why he was chosen to name the most popular football club in Ethiopia.
In “La Barra al 45”, sommelier Leonardo Russo interviews an expert in Ethiopian coffee, who counts from its emergence to its unique characteristics.